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About the book

I've always wanted to create something deeply meaningful for others, but I've been too scared to be honest and vulnerable enough to try until 100 for 100, a terrifying foray into opening myself up in the hope it inspires you.

This book isn't about making money or reaching thousands of people. It's about me giving you 100 small pieces of my heart, trusting that they'll form to make something new and hopeful and beautiful inside of you.

Each book ships with a hand stamped back cover, handwritten thank you note, and 100 for 100 sticker (while supplies last).

SOLD OUT – $30

What readers are saying

"With every story, I found things that I related to, that I (dis)agreed with, that I was envious of, that I was inspired by. We forget sometimes that nobody is perfect, and our imperfections make us uniquely who we are. Justin's emails reminded me to trust myself more, and that bad days can still lead to positive things."

Ruzanna (original subscriber)

"Why would you ever want to know more than you could ever ask about someone? Because Justin's thoughts are not only hilariously and wholeheartedly raw, they're relevant."

Vicky (original subscriber)

"I wake up every morning looking forward to reading Justin's new entry; it's as if it takes away some of the dread of performance-based work that I have to do and replaces it with joy."

Zach (original subscriber)

"I received my book yesterday and wanted to let you know I can't put it down. I love it!! It is touching, raw, and makes me think."

Milesa (Kickstarter backer)